Dear Participants:

The congress LACP2017 is soon to beginning. Please check the Schedule program and the recommendation for prepare you presentation.

Oral Communication Guideline

  • All oral communications (O) have been allocated a 20 minute time slot, including the presentation itself (15min), questions, and transitioning (5min) to the next speaker. It is suggested that speakers design on a 15-18 minute presentation to let for a least a couple of questions. To save some valuable time, do avoid extensive introductions bearing in mind that your audience will be rather familiar with the theme of your talk. Please also avoid institutional o laboratory presentations.
  • Authors must load their presentations onto the designated computer Technical desk at the Postgraduate building, preferably (if possible) on the day before their session. The presentations will be transferred to the computer in the room where the sessions take place.

Poster and Poster Communication Guidelines

  • Posters should be placed from 11am in the poster room during the 1st coffee break. It will be attached to corkboard or brads provided for the responsible of room locations. Not communication is needed.
  • In the case of Poster Communication, the Posters should be placed in the poster room, but each presenting author should give a short communication of 5min. about the poster work, after go to presenting the poster. The question is performed in the poster room. Remember to check the time schedule program.
  • Remember that placing the poster in time, giving a short communication and attending to the poster will be considered during the evaluation for award to the best poster.

In addition, you will find the attached file of the Congress Program LACP2017, including the works information.